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Frozen in time: arresting photos from Studio Appétit

Crisp and arresting, Studio Appétit have created a series of frozen food images that fuse gastronomy with art.

Photography Studio Appétit

The still life is a cornerstone of western art. Food has always been one of the genre’s main subjects, with artists from Caravaggio to Cézanne painting fish, fowl and fruit (and everything in between) as a way of demonstrating their skills. Today, people continue to make still lifes, though methods differ, as culinary artists Studio Appétit – creators of the photos here – demonstrate.

With a brief to create beautiful images of frozen food, Studio Appétit assembled a cast of ingredients whose aesthetics were enhanced by a temperature-controlled environment. The results are as timeless as an old master, but also undeniably modern. Cool, in every sense of the word.