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Gaggenau Industrie: meet the people behind the brand

Within Gaggenau Industrie are a group of people who work to create, craft and develop the Gaggenau products

Words Catherine McMaster

Behind every great brand are even greater people. We travelled to Gaggenau’s factory in Lipsheim, France to meet the workers who prodigiously create, craft and develop the products.

The factory is a hive of frenetic and creative activity. On one particularly busy weekday, we caught up with five Gaggenau workers. They all specialise in different areas of the factory, but there was one consistently among them all; their love and passion for the Gaggenau brand.

Here, we discuss a typical day, the manufacturing process and what it means to them to be a Gaggenau employee.


How long have you worked at Gaggenau?
I have been working at the Gaggenau factory for 20 years. Throughout my time, I’ve worked across multiple stations for other brands including NEFF, but now I work for Gaggenau, specifically assembling ovens.

What differentiates Gaggenau from other brands?
Gaggenau really is prestigious; the products are bigger and more complex and so they require more attention to detail.

Can you describe a typical day at the factory?
I start by seeing whether I have all the parts I need for the day and after that I start the process of assemblage. I really enjoy working on the EB 333 oven. I am one of the two people who assemble this 90cm oven. It takes me an hour and a half to complete one of these ovens.

You have worked at the factory here for 20 years. What changes have you seen?
The structure of the workshop has only changed slightly over the years. Apart from a couple of small improvements, the factory has mostly stayed the same.

What three qualities would you say define Gaggenau?
The design, the brand and its reputation.


What is your role at Gaggenau?
I’ve been working here for five years and I am responsible for the outside coordination and for bringing various elements together.

What is special about this area?
We put together all the control modules of the oven appliances, which all need to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any dust.

And your favourite part of the role?
I love assembling all these tiny parts and being very accurate about the task at hand. I really enjoy working in this particular area of the factory.

Are there any challenges?
Above all, it’s the level of quality and about achieving the highest standard possible.

Is there anything about your role that you don’t enjoy?
No. Our bosses always listen to what we have to say, it’s a great environment to work in and I enjoy each challenge.

What does Gaggenau mean to you?
It’s luxury and with that, it’s the quality and longevity of each Gaggenau product.

Lastly, why do you wear white uniform?
To avoid any contact with contamination and impurities.


How long have you worked for Gaggenau?
I’ve been working here for seven years. I handle the stainless steel and washing the surface of the metal to give it a final finish.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The aesthetic and the definition of the Gaggenau products.

What skill set do you need to have to work on this project?
I was involved in the very initial development of these products, so I know the production and each element very well.

This is a very technical part of the production line. What is the most difficult element of your role?
Working by hand and handling the various machines. Sometimes you can experience problems.


Can you describe your role at Gaggenau?
I’ve been working at Gaggenau for three years and I work on different stations in the factory, fixing the cables by hand.

And, a typical day?
In the morning we have a meeting with the coordinator of our department, who tells us what tasks need to be done in the day. We then pick up our cables and follow a set plan to put the appliance together.

What makes Gaggenau appliances special?
It’s the quality of the products. Gaggenau strives to achieve the highest quality throughout all of their appliances.

What do you most enjoy about your role at the factory?
It’s very interesting. The work is diverse with many different stations. As well as working in the cable department, I’ve also spent time as an enameller. We really work as a team and there’s a good work ethic among us all. We advise each other, and we communicate.

Are there any difficult aspects?
Here are in the cable department I would say the hardest thing is the large-scale wiring on a product.

What makes Gaggenau unique?
The quality of the products and the sense of work ethic among the team.


Can you describe your role at Gaggenau?
I’ve been working for Gaggenau for three years now and I work on the quality control of all the appliances; checking to make sure there are no marks, dust, dents and silicone seals, both on the inside and in the optics of each appliance. We also check all the internal elements of the appliances and ensure all the parts are connected.

What is the most interesting part of your role?
The work is very detailed; there are many small elements that require a lot of attention, not just in the manufacturing but also in the design of the appliances. It’s the process that I find the most interesting.

And, your favourite part about working here?
The fact that every step in the manufacturing process is delivered to perfection.

Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist?
Yes. I would say I am very meticulous.

What are the most difficult aspects about working for Gaggenau?
You have to really pay attention to every element and every step of the production. It’s work that demands the most accurate eye for detail. Some of our clients would perhaps say that the time we take producing our appliances is a negative point about Gaggenau, but speed is never the goal.

What’s your favourite Gaggenau product?
The Gaggenau 400 series.

What three qualities would you say define the brand?
1. Respect for products and for the highest standards
2. The luxury element of the brand
3. The satisfaction received from clients