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In conversation: Sven Schnee

Head of Global Brand for Gaggenau, Sven Schnee talks us through the latest Respected by campaign.

Words Imogen Smith

It was in the Black Forest, during a thunderstorm, that the Gaggenau marketing team first established the idea behind the Respected by concept. ‘Due to the weather, we had to stay’, says Gaggenau’s Head of Global Brand, Sven Schnee.

‘We were talking about where we came from as a brand and how we could project our message further into the future. Building on what we already have, we saw how we could become a culture at the core of a community, reflecting the same values, the same essence and the same philosophy as the space we have created.’

Encompassing a diverse range of elements, Respected by Gaggenau identifies various people, regions, cultures, animals, produce and crafts that need to be preserved because, as Schnee says, ‘they reflect long-lasting relevance in terms of history, culture and mankind.’

By focusing on the meaning of respect, the concept’s underlying message highlights the necessity of protecting, preserving and cultivating uniqueness. It also emphasises how Gaggenau continues to position itself as a brand with distinct vision and interest, while simultaneously remaining relevant to its varied audience.

‘I think that when it comes to the relevance of a luxury brand, the relevance is in the eye of the consumer,’ says Schnee who acknowledges Gaggenau’s desire to push the confines of traditional marketing strategies in order to open up a discussion with its customers. ‘We need to position ourselves far beyond anything that is about creating, selling and marketing a product.’

Gaggenau doesn’t need products to be Gaggenau. It is this ethos, coupled with a commitment to craftsmanship, that epitomises the Respected by Gaggenau theory

By adopting this approach, Schnee says they can establish what the audience wants and define what is most relevant. ‘Being relevant to a consumer when it comes to luxury is the very essence of the concept.’

The Respected by Gaggenau ethos strikes a balance between being relevant, while also including elements that aren’t part of our daily paradigm. It’s a fine line to tread but within this space Gaggenau has cultivated a unique level of cultural relevance and nuance.

While creating a campaign with culture at its core, Schnee also stresses the, ‘need to have a product campaign to fulfil the promise we’ve created through Respected by.’