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Hot stuff: creating heat with Richard Foster

Celebrated photographer, Richard Foster recreates heat. His photographs capture a unique moment in time.

The Welsh Black Cow: beauty from darkness

Dating from antiquity, and shrouded in legend, the black cattle of Wales helped shape a country. Now they are a ...

Savage beauty: ice diving on Baffin Island

Gaggenau speaks to Francoise Gervais, an expedition leader and dive-master, pushing the boundaries for travellers venturing to the Canadian Arctic


Gaggenau Industrie: meet the people behind the brand

Within Gaggenau Industrie are a group of people who work to create, craft and develop the Gaggenau products

Gaggenau craftsmanship: dedicated to excellence since 1683

The creation, conception and design of a Gaggenau appliance is a fusion of art and function

The shape of things to come: Miya Ando exlores time through art

Art is just another tool utilised to explore our relationship with time.


Coming in from the cold: architecture on ice

Northern China can be unforgiving in winter. But like so many other frigid landscapes it provides an ideal backdrop to ...

Casa perfect: California cool

Tucked away in a chic mid-century district in Beverly Hills, the former home of Elvis Presley is Los Angeles’ most ...

Behind the scenes: Gaggenau's Lipsheim factory

When considering a factory, it's rare that artisanal craftsmanship springs to mind. Yet, a visit to the Gaggenau factory in ...


Chef: Nils Henkel

German chef, Nils Henkel, strives for culinary perfection. His passion for fresh ingredients and penchant for flora makes his dishes ...

Jerusalem: bringing people together through food

The ancient city of Jerusalem is a synthesis of many different cultures, traditions and religions. Food is the undercurrent to ...

Frozen in time: arresting photos from Studio Appétit

Crisp and arresting, Studio Appétit have created a series of frozen food images that fuse gastronomy with art.